10th Ottawa Community Record Show + Tips on April 6, 2014

Poster for the event.
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All you vinyl junkies or music collectors.
It’s the 10th Ottawa Community Record Show.
It starts from 11am to 4pm at 523 St. Anthony St. (near Preston and the 417)… Admission is $3 and its good for the whole family.

NOTE: I am not involved with this so don’t make a comment that you want a table. You should contact them on here.
For the first time I will write down some tips/advice when going to this.


  • Get there early if you can, there will be a line up before 11am but it goes really quickly.
  • If it is too overwhelming, write down a list of what albums you want to get.
  • Haggle if you can. Even it’s like $1-$5 off.
  • If you are very impatient, just elbow your way through the piles.
  • There may not be any newer releases
  • As much I love The Beatles, Rolling Stones and etc. Don’t be fooled or be ripped off by the expensive versions of the albums. Just because they are popular.
  • You might find some obscure records.
  • If you really want that hard to find 7″ singles just get it!
  • It is not just indie stuff. You can get jazz, classical and even children’s records.
  • Try meeting up with some people.
  • Don’t make a scene if you and someone are fighting to get this album!
  • Things usually die down after 2pm so it might be less stressful.
  • Don’t spend way too much on certain albums you may not want to listen!
  • Support the scene!

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