2nd Annual Who’s Hot In Ottawa’s Music Scene – Hottest Female Musician

As stated on part one of the results.
Last year’s winner was Whitney Delion of Sound of Lions.
With the votes tallied up.
So here are the results for Hottest Female Musician.
As I stated before, this poll is for fun and not to be taken seriously.


  1. Kathleen Murphy Cauley of Loon Choir
  2. Loon Choir @ Gypsy & Co.

  3. Sarah Bradley of Fevers
  4. Fevers @ Mercury Lounge

  5. Kerri Carisse of The Yips
  6. The Yips @ Mugshots

  7. Renee Leduc of Phantom Shores
  8. Phantom Shores @ 4in1 Session #7

  9. Nicole Yates of Loon Choir
  10. Loon Choir @ The Rainbow Bistro


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