5 Qs to Bruised Tongue on their 5th Anniversary

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Bruised Tongue is a Ottawa record label owned and operated by Pierre Richardson and Craig Proulx.
This weekend they will be celebrating their 5th anniversary.
With that I got to ask Craig five questions about this special occasion.
Check it out!

Has there been any challenges during it’s first few years? How is it different from before to now?

We’re constantly experimenting with a slightly different approach to pretty much every new batch of releases. Finding the most efficient, cost-effective methods of production is an ongoing challenge, but something we’ve been able maintain some relative control over by printing artwork, duplicating tapes, and cutting lathes in-house ourselves. DIY or die.

In no particular order, what is your five favorite albums or EPs in the Bruise Tongue catalog?

That’s a tough one. A fair chunk of the releases from BT’s first year were recorded in the jamspace of our old house, Leaky Pipes, and I will always hold a very strong personal connection to those.

With the launch of Wyrd Distro happening on Feb 15th. How beneficial is it for Bruised Tongue and it’s artist?

The Wyrd Distro is a complete game changer.
Mass distribution for short-run releases has been a challenge for small independent labels from the beginning, and the distro seeks to change that.
Having access to essentially every Canadian DIY label’s release catalogue in one place is a dream come true for anyone remotely interested in underground Canadiana (labels, artists, and fans alike).

Tell us about the big celebration on Feb 14-16 (for those not on Facebook)? Who are you excited?

Poster for their 5 year anniversary

3 days of bands, DJs, and positive vibes.
BT and CHUO FM are co-presenting the Cafe Alt Concert Series on Friday, followed by a free afterparty at Mugshots with Pierre, DJ Skid Vicious, and our boy Patric,and myself spinning bangers all night.
Montreal’s Paradise, Florescent Friends’ Cousins of Reggae, Boyhood (who will have a brand new super-limited lathe release), and Roberta Bondar (who haven’t played since Arboretum) play Gabba Hey Saturday night.
Bonnie Doon will be DJing before/between/after the bands!
We’re hosting a matinee at Gabba Hey Sunday afternoon with Blue Angel, Tropical Dripps, and CROSSS, which will also serve as Tropical Dripps’ tape release show, and the grand opening of the Gabba Hey! shop.
Pretty much every individual playing/spinning over the weekend has worked very closely with the label in one aspect or another over the past five years and been incredibly supportive of our ongoing experiment.

How do you see Bruised Tongue down the road in the future?

Always moving, keeping things weird, and celebrating 10 years in another 5.

Don’t forget to check out the special occasion on Fev 14-16.

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