A Houseshow where I didn’t get kicked in the groin!

As the titled suggests, I was in one piece at this houseshow.
With various of events that happened on November 6, 2010.
I decided to go to this houseshow.
More of indie garage punk noise show.
Playing at the show were:

There was somewhat of a giving birth kind of theme with two band names.
If you were wondering with the title.
It stems from this incident from the same houseshow on NYE.
I wasn’t injured this time.
But apparently someone else was.
During Induced Labour’s set, I had to go out and find out who called me.
I come back inside and noticed the Dom from Total Crush had a bloody nose.
It was crazy drama due to two girls not paying for the show.

Anyways back to the show.
Total Crush played a loud noisy punk set.

Induced Labour was kind of surprising.

Pregnancy Scare was beyond crazy.
Oh! Davey got to love your dedication/banter.

The Famines was crazy!

Here are the rest of the photos.
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