My name is Ming and I’m an Ottawa-based photographer and I have a big passion for music and the arts/culture happening in and around the city.
The domain name was created on March 5, 2010.
The site reaches at around 20,000 visitors, 70,000 page visits and 250,000 hits a month, according to AWSTATS.

You can also listen to me on CHUO FM 89.1 at 3pm – 5pm on Mondays.
Where I play music from all different types of genres.

If you have any comments or concerns, shoot/review a show or send some promotional materials, please e-mail me: here
If you want to send a CD, you can mail to:
65 University Pvt. Suite 0038
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 9A5

About the album and EP reviews, they are based on the number of camera flashes which is.


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