Absolutely Free – On The Beach/Clothed Woman, Sitting (EP) [Listen]

I know this might be old news since it came out around September.
Toronto’s Absolutely Free (Whose name is totally cool!) will be dropping their EP
I like to call their music as experimental electro-rock music to the max!
What I didn’t know is that the 12″ EP is going to be on Lefse Records and Fat Possum (Congrats guys!)
While in Canada it is on One Big Silence.
Absolutely Free @ Mugshots
On The Beach is one intense pysch-electro rock epic track.
Vocals doesn’t kick in until the three minute mark.

Clothed Woman, Sitting is one of those slow climatic songs.
It goes slow for the first four minutes, then vocals kicks then at eight minutes everything goes berserk!
Is it weird to hear the band sing out their name? (Around the seven minute mark)
Remember the band playing this song live and I was blown away with it!!

Overall I love these two songs.
They may not be radio friendly but at least it gets you moving!
On The Beach/Clothed Woman, Sitting EP comes out on October 29th.
Give the EP 9/10.
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