Absolutely Free – Epilogue (After Touch) [Music Video]

Today the Toronto band Absolutely Free dropped the visual music video for Epilogue (After Touch)
The actual final single is taken from their long awaited album in 7 years called Aftertouch which comes out on tomorrow via Boiled Records.
A spacey synth-pop-rock vibe kind of tune.

About the track:
“Epilogue” is a whirring to life of wistful synthesizers, a wall of retrosynthetic new wave textures that builds against a post-apocalyptic sunrise to a shuffling, maximalist, electro-psych peak.
‘Touchdown can feel like an arrival / like a movie that’s faded out / But, I still wonder what’s behind,’ sings Matt King in still, melancholic tones.

Accompanied by director Rachelle Walkers’ music video, which layers found footage in dark prismatic forms with Norman McLaren-like illusions of movement, “Epilogue (After Touch)” is an autumnal beginning to the broad, reflective sonic journey of Aftertouch.
Says Absolutely Free: “‘Epilogue (After Touch)’ conjures an existence, where a linear progression of time no longer seems applicable.
With reference to cinematic narrative, the lyrics touch upon living in a contemporary culture that seems to be referential and symbolic of what’s already in the past.”

Epilogue (After Touch) gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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