Absolutely Free – Interface [Music Video]

Today, Toronto band Absolutely Free dropped the music video for Interface.
The second single for 2021 is taken from their long awaited album in 7 years called Aftertouch which comes out on September 24, 2021 via Boiled Records.
Interface is a dream-like psych-rock track.

About the track:
“Interface” is a peek further into the kaleidoscopic minds of Absolutely Free, accompanied by a visual drench in vibrant neon palettes and retro-futuristic tendencies by Australian artist Benjamin Portas.

“Written as a pseudo-love song that interludes between two versions of self, Interface recalls an adolescent summer where I spent every waking hour on early web-based chat programs, instead of going outside,” says singer Matt King. ”Typical coming-of-age feelings of loss and confusion were further conflated by prioritizing an emerging potential of a new virtual identity more ‘real’ than a physical self.”
Lifted from the forthcoming second album Aftertouch, “Interface” is a maximal psychedelic blast awash in synthesizers and radiant melody, about hyperconnectivity and the preservation of individuality for a generation coming of age in a wild time.

Running free with flourishes of experimentation, yet rooted in accessible melody and rhythm, Absolutely Free blurs boundaries between avant-garde and pop across the album’s eight songs.
A tug-of-war within its sonic harmony, Aftertouch explores narratives of hegemony, grief, and exploitation in the present while ultimately sustaining curiosity for the unknown “post-everything” future.
Making reference to the name of a synthesizer function, Aftertouch deconstructs seismic shifts in contemporary culture and lingers in the echoing sensations that remain.

Interface gets:

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