Absolutely Free – Remaining Light [Listen]

Toronto band Absolutely Free dropped the track called Remaining Light
The final single is taken from their long awaited album in 7 years called Aftertouch which comes out on September 24, 2021 via Boiled Records.
Remaining Light has that 80s new wave synth vibe with lyrics that is very heavy and profound on today’s society.

About the track:
On “Remaining Light”, Absolutely Free tackles issues of structural racism, poverty and injustice embedded within society’s corrupt systems. “Remaining Light” takes us one step closer to a glacial cybernetic landscape — its retro-synths and marimba-propelled groove evoking shades of Arthur Russell’s World of Echo and the post-rock sensibilities of Tortoise and Meddle-era Pink Floyd.

Absolutely Free: “‘Remaining Light’ expresses the frustration felt towards invincible and corrupt institutions that uphold structural inequities, including police brutality and manufactured poverty experienced primarily by racialized communities. Written during a heat wave in the summer of 2016, the song dishearteningly remains as relevant as ever today.”

Remaining Light gets:

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