Absolutely Free – Two Cares Due None Soundtrack [Streaming]

Known for its transportive works in sound and vision, Toronto psych trio Absolutely Free has today surprise released its original soundtrack recording for the art-house film Two Cares Due None which came out in 2016.
The gorgeously haunting and masterfully responsive score distills the film’s dramatic landscapes with suspenseful notes of magic-realism and minimalism.
Its stirring, mysterious instrumental compositions range from reflective ambience to polyrhythmic electronic music, bringing to mind the iconic film scores of John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, Cliff Martinez, and Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury.

Two Cares Due None marks the band’s first foray into feature-length composition, after previously scoring short films by Norman McLaren for the National Film Board of Canada.

About the soundtracks:
“The film entranced us into a distinct musical universe,” says Absolutely Free. “We found ourselves indulging mood over melody, exploring the periphery of what we have created live and on record up to this point.”
“Writing started in Iceland, where I travelled to be near the shoot,” recounts band member Moshe Fisher-Rozenberg.
“The filmmakers made some friends and one of them had the keys to a derelict church in the old town in Blönduós. I spent a lot of time there alone, playing a beautiful pipe organ and overlooking the ocean waves – but never after dark.”

About the film:
The feature film was independently produced by visual artists Chris Boni and Melissa Fisher-Rozenberg, shot on location in Iceland, Italy, and Canada.
Two Cares Due None explores the ways different cultures place value on objects as commonplace Icelandic artifacts gain exemplary worth in Canada’s art world and Italy’s black market.
Absolutely Free – whose previous releases provide uniquely prismatic views of the polarized ideologies that exist in our culture intuits these concepts with incredible fluidity, adorning the imagery in distinctive, otherworldly sound.

“Two Cares Due None” 2016 from chris boni on Vimeo.

Overall the soundtrack is very dreamy, moody and experimental.
Something that would be played on KEXP‘s Pacific Notions.
Two Cares Due None Sountrack gets:

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