The Darcys – The Darcys [Review]

Finally the light of day has come for The Darcys to drop their long awaited album on Arts and Crafts.
With years of ups and downs, the wait is finally over.

I happened to notice this band back in 2010, when I did this interview with them.
The members are:

  • Jason Couse (Lead vocals, guitar, piano and the sensitive guy)
  • Wes Marskell (drummer and the bad boy)
  • Michael le Riche (guitar, vocal and good looking guy)
  • Dave Hurlow (bassist, the jock and baby face [without the beard])

The ten tracks on the album are filled with great, epic indie rock tunes, with that moody, atmospheric shoegaze sound to it.
The production value is so superb.
Most of the tracks have been played live and are very familiar to my ears, as I’ve seen lots of their shows.
This album serves as a re-introduction to the band and really shows their true sound.
You should definitely get this album, which you can download for free.
Also catch them live!

Best tracks:

I’d give this album 10/10.

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