Album Picks: Chillout #1

I haven’t done my album picks in awhile but here goes with this theme.
The theme is chillout.
I know it might sound typical of who I am going to choose but here goes.
Not in any particular order.
If you feel the list is not good enough, give me some titles that I should check out which is chillout worthy.

Air – Moon Safari
First time was seeing their music video Sexy Boy. I wasn’t into that song but hearing La Femme d’Argent got me hooked on to them.

Favorite tracks:

  • La Femme d’Argent
  • All I Need
  • Sexy Boy
  • Kelly Watch The Stars
  • Ce Matin La
  • Le Voyage de Penelope

Massive Attack – Protection/Mezzanine
First time hearing them was seeing their video Protection which had Tracey Thorn of Everything But The Girl.
Weird but creepy video but it was such a great chillout tune.
Protection had more of the soul chillout while Mezzanine went into darker electronica territory.

Favorite tracks on Protection:

  • Protection
  • Karmacoma
  • Three
  • Weather Storm
  • Sly

Favorite tracks on Mezzanine:

  • Risingson
  • Teardrop
  • Exchange (instrumental)
  • Man Next Door (the best one on that album)
  • Exchange (vocal version)

Portishead – Dummy
They were the band that totally got me into trip-hop.
I know they don’t want to be classified as trip-hop but I love them album to death.
Very mellow, chilling and dark. When you listen to THIRD now you feel there is a departure from what they had on Dummy.

Favorite tracks:

  • Mysterons
  • Sour Time
  • Strangers
  • Roads (The best!!)
  • Glory Box

Zero 7 – Simple Things
During the time when The WB Network had cool shows like Dawson’s Creek and Roswell.
They play the coolest songs on certain scenes of the shows or movies. This band struck me the most.
Light, cool, ambient and chilling.
This album was so far the best I’ve heard during 2002.

Favorite tracks:

  • I Have Seen
  • Destiny
  • Distraction
  • In The Waiting Line
  • End Theme

Röyksopp – Melody A.M.
I first heard them they had this poppy electronica sound.
Just that one song Eple.
While the rest was more downtempo sounding.

Favorite tracks:

  • So Easy
  • Eple
  • Sparks
  • Poor Leno
  • Remind Me

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