Album picks: NXNE theme 2009

Since I am going to NXNE this week.
I shall do a album pick of who I might get to see during NXNE.
This is going to be one big list of albums and who is playing at NXNE.
If I forgotten to add someone on this list please tell me.

Leif Vollebekk – Inlands (REVIEW)
album cover by ingimar björn daviðsson
Why: Very Jeff Buckley like voice and his music is so intimate.
He will be playing the Dakota Tavern on June 17th at 2am.
Best tracks:
In The Morning
In The Midst of Blue and Green (Love the violin parts)
A Dozen Mares
Don’t Go To Klaksvik

Woodhands – Heart Attack
Why: Fun dancey electronica album
They will be playing The Drake Hotel (Underground) on June 17th at 12:30am
Best tracks:
I Wasn’t Made For Fighting
Can’t See Straight

Oh No Forest Fires – The War On Geometry (Review)

Why: Such a fun rocking album to listen to but seeing them live is the best part of what the band really is.
They will be playing the Drake Hotel (Underground) on June 18 at 10pm. Part of the i(heart)music showcase happening there.
Best tracks:
It’s Not Fun And Games Until Someone Loses
New Cove Road Back Home Song
You Know What That Is… Trouble
Swing And A Misdemenor
Fighting Heidi

Poorfolk – Our Burning Streets (REVIEW)

Why: Great original rock album from this Ottawa band. Great to see live.
They will be playing Mitzi’s Sister on June 18th at 11pm
Best tracks:
Biometric Test
Killer On The Loose
Fine For Stealing
Stupid As A Tank

Black Hat Brigade – Fathers

Why: This album just blew me away. Very different and unique with their indie rock sound.
They will be playing The Drake Hotel on June 18th at 11pm and Mill St. Brewpub Daystage on June 19th at 5pm.
Best tracks:
Kitchen Party
Zombie City Shake
Signal Fire
Lost Boys

Great Bloomers – Speak of Trouble (REVIEW)
Why: This album has been getting alot of buzz. Not sure if I will get a chance to see them live but heard they put on a killer show.
They will be playing Clinton’s on June 18th at 11pm
Best tracks:
The Young Ones Slept
This Ain’t You
Fever Days
Last Of My Faith
Thorn In My Side

Green Go – Borders

Why: When I listened to this album, I couldn’t stop dancing and its such a fun record. They are amazing live.
They are playing El Mocambo on June 18th at 1am
Best tracks:
Put Your Speed On
You Know You Want It
Watch Your Step
Fool Me Once

Dinosaur Bones – EP

Why: Catchy indie garagey rock EP and puts on an exciting show.
They will be playing Sunrise Records on June 18th at 5pm and the Horseshoe Tavern on June 19th at 11pm
Best tracks:
Point Of Pride
My Divider

Rah Rah – Going Steady

Why: They have this Arcade Sound with a Prairie sound.
They will be playing the NXPO DayStage on June 18th at 2pm
Best tracks:
Betrayal Pt. 1
Fuck Nafta
I’ve Got Faith
Betrayal Pt. 2

The Ghost is Dancing – Battles On (Review)

Why: Sucks its not on the Polaris Music Prize long list because it is surely an great album. Very catchy indie rock-pop that sounds epic.
They will be playing the Velvet Underground on June 19th at 10pm
Best tracks:
Battles On
This Thunder
Louis Riel
Strange Times
Battles Off
Flashing Pictures
Without Friends

Hooded Fang – EP

Why: Such a indie catchy poppy EP from this Toronto band.
They will be playing the Dakota Tavern on June 19th at 11pm
Best tracks:
Land of Giants
The Pageant
Train Station
Fall Leaves

Dan ManganRoboteering/Postcards and Daydreaming
Why: He is such a talented singer.
He will be playing C’est What on June 19th at 12am.
Best tracks:
Not What You Think It Is
Journal Of A Narcoleptic
Don’t Listen
So Much For Everyone
Come Down
Reason To Think Aloud

Airetta – Migration

Why: Loud rocking debut album by this band.
They will be playing Montanas Mainstage on June 19th at 9pm
Best tracks:
Old Habits Die Young
Home. Friday. Midnight.
They Sure Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To…
…So I’m Going Overboard, On Taking My Final Bow
Into The Deep
It’s An Uphill Battle, And It’s All Downhill From Here
We Were All Invincible At One Point

DD/MM/YYYY – Black Square (REVIEW)

Why: Amazing experimental album of 2009.
They will be playing the Horseshoe Tavern on June 20th at 10pm
Best tracks:
Infinity Skull Cube
I’m Still In The Walls
Digital Haircut

Ruby Coast – Projectable Collections (REVIEW)

Why: What can you say? Fun exciting EP
They will be playing Horsehoe Tavern on June 20th at 11pm
Best tracks:
More Than Television
Brittle Bones
Town to Province

Grand Analog – Calligraffiti

Why: This the only rap/hip-hop that I can tolerate and he is a great rapper.
They will be playing the Reverb on June 20th at 1am
Best tracks:
Human Beans
Touch Your Toes
Social Butterfly
Around This Town

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