Album review: Paper Moon – What Are You Going To Do With Me (EP)

Paper Moon is a band from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
The member consist of:

  • Allison Shevernoha (Vocals/Guitar)
  • Chris Hiebert (Drums/Percussion)
  • Rob Rodgers (Bass/Vocals)
  • John Wilson (Guitars)
  • Leslie Oldham (Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals)

Their music is poppy alternative and has been played in TV and Films.
One being Party Of Five.

Just got their EP “What Are You Going To With Me” which comes out on Jan 6, 2009.
This is my first time listening to this band.
I really like their music and enjoyed.
Very poppy and catchy.
Reminds me of a mix of Mother Mother, Stars and Metric all in one.

This EP leaves you wanting you more and have to wait until April 2009 for the new album.

Great EP to listen to.

Standout tracks:

  • What Are You Going To Do With Me?
  • We Can Take The Long Way
  • These New Friends Of Yours… (Candlelight mix)
  • Down With Safe and Witness

Basically the whole EP.

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