Alex Nicol – Song For Franz [Listen]

Today the Montreal musician Alex Nicol dropped the track called Song For Franz.
The 8th and final single is taken from Been A Long Year Vol. 1 & 2 which comes out this Friday.
A moody intimate sombre indie piano pop tune.

About the track by Alex:
Layered with complex expressions of anger and sadness, “Song for Franz” addresses the way men are conditioned by society to suppress their feelings and the difficulties they face sharing their pain.

“Will this be a story // That ends happily // Like all the movies that I see // Or will the tiny trials add up?” Nicol finds himself questioning here.

While its lyrics are rich with dreamlike imagery of cowboys, movie heroes, and spiritual redemption, the song’s direct inspiration was the loss of Nicol’s own uncle Franz, who took his own life. A crushingly beautiful dedication to his memory, “Song For Franz” serves as a loving tribute but also tells the story of a male protagonist who moves through social conditioning to find exoneration. Expressed through a caricature of toxic masculinity, the song chastises perceptions of male strength and celebrates the bittersweet heartbreak of absolution.

Song For Franz gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.