Allegories – It’s A Parade [Music Video]

Today the Hamilton duo Allegories dropped the visual music video for It’s A Parade via Hidden Pony Records.
A muddy hazy experimental electro-dance track kind of vibe

About the track:
“It’s A Parade” only shows flashes of those supposed events, almost fragmenting the art of storytelling. Thoughts of revolution, messianic visions, drunken adventures, inflated accomplishments, dreams of a better life and misguided importance are all interrupted into a formed narrative. Sonically suspended over layers of breakbeats, IDM psych, chopped-up acoustic instruments, and colourful flourishes of synthesis.
Adding another layer of glorious confusion.

At the centre, the song took inspiration from a friend dryly recounting his latest misadventure. Getting drunk, making a scene, being chased by bouncers over rooftops, and then subsequently plummeting to the ground when he miscalculated a jump, ripping open his spleen. Nothing was embellished or exaggerated, but then the story melded over time with other friends’ recollections and their own incidents, creating a hodgepodge of debauchery.

As the song evolved the narrative became deluded with hallucinations of majesty and splendour. But the dreams won’t save you, and the undiluted brutal reality may make you more wistful than any fantasy.

It’s A Parade gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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