Allison Russell – Demons [Listen]

Today the Montreal born now based in Nashville, Tennessee artist Allison Russell dropped the track called Demons.
The fourth and final single is taken from Allison’s upcoming album The Returner which comes out this Friday via Fantasy Records.
A retro-sounding R&B/soul groovy and funky tune.

About the track by Allison:
“We all have our demons and there’s no spell to make them vanish for good.
I’m not even sure we want such a spell.
Demons have their uses. They just don’t get to call the shots anymore—WE PUT EM ON THE BUS BUT WE DIDN’T LET EM DRIVE — that’s what it comes down to.
They don’t get to drive, and they can’t steal our joy.
And yes that’s an Outkast homage at the end of the song.”

Demons gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.