Alpha Couple – Stalingrad [Review]

Stalingrad Cover Art
Surprised that this duo from Winnipeg hasn’t been featured on Weird Canada.
I am talking about Alpha Couple and their style is tweenoise (whatever that means?), psychefolk & lo-fi electronic ambient music.
So I wanted to check out what their latest release called “Stalingrad“.
The duo will be in Ottawa on March 3rd.

Here is the info about the album.
Nearly all of these songs were written after we moved to Winnipeg in late 2009, where we named our apartment “Stalingrad”, inspired by the desolate feelings attached to the name.
We saw these dooms-day feelings reflected in ourselves and our surroundings in the Canadian city’s barren, beaten core.
Our trying and at times emotionally devastating experiences appeared in our music, so close to ourselves and our lives together, and the former name of the Russian, once war-gutted city embodies to us the feelings we found in ourselves and our music during the creation of these songs.

Listening to Stalingrad, it took me awhile to get a feel for it since the album is very experimental.
Its had that bleak dark doom feel to it in tracks like Edna Pontellier and Stealing Ink.
Somewhat uplifting sounds in tracks like The Single, Edna & Ginny at the Beach and 4k.

This is some album for those into that kind of genre of music (mentioned above).

Best tracks:

  • Boozecan
  • The Single
  • Edna Pontellier
  • Penguin Classics, 1984
  • Four Eyed Monster
  • Jasper Johns
  • Staling Ink
  • 4k

Also check out their cover of The Mountain Goats‘ song “No Children“.

I’d give Stalingrad a 8/10.
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