An experimental night of music at Babylon

On April 9th, I went up to Babylon Nightclub.
Playing there were:

Sadly I didn’t get a chance to see Growing but I managed to purchase their album.

The first band to play was We Fled Cairo.
It has been two years since I last saw them play live.
Can’t remember what they sound liked before but they were great live with their instrumental post-rock music.
Love the part when Dave had to tune his guitar and it was just silent. But at least someone in the audience said something silly to them.
They better release like an EP or something.

Next was Adam Saikaley.
I’ve seen live various time and if you notice on this site, he has been covered frequently.
He is full of surprises with his music. He can play the piano, make interesting music sound and sing in the band Videotape (Whenever they get back together)
This time he had like different music gear.
The set was very electronic ambient music.
It was a intense intriguing set Adam put on.

Daniel Francis Doyle from Austin, Texas was next.
It was just him with the guitar and drums.
He was very captivating with his blend of noise rock.
Loud and intense with his drumming.
Apparently he might be coming back to Ottawa in the fall.

Didn’t get a chance to see Growing.
But seeing what their setup was like, it look like it was going to be insane and loud.

Overall it was a nice night for experimental music in Ottawa.

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