Andrew Vincent and Rolf Klausener @ Raw Sugar Cafe

February 5th was a wonderful intimate and packful evening at Raw Sugar Cafe.
Amazing to see two great talented musicians play at the lovely and cozy coffeehouse.
It was so crazy at Raw Sugar that the owner decided to move all the tables out and make enough room.
From my guess there was about 50-60 people that attended this show.
Actual attendance was about 80-90 people.

Starting off the set was Rolf Klausener doing a solo set.
got people to sit on the floor, which felt like a campfire story going to happen.
Totally amazing set.
Played a mix of old songs from the Acorn like Antenna and Crooked Legs
To some new songs.
He even played Slippery When Wet from the Friends of Bellwoods II compilation. No its not a Bon Jovi cover.

Here is the video of Rolf singing Crooked Legs

Andrew Vincent is a big deal in Ottawa.
He was fresh off his European tour and did a great performance.
Played a solo set not with the Pirates (as Brian asked me a few days ago if he was playing with his band)
His set was so amazing with his blend of acoustic indie pop rock music.
He did some covers one being an Al Green if I wasn’t mistaken.
Jon Bartlett accompanied Andrew on drums. He was so intense on the drums that one of the legs fell and he was scurrying on getting on sync with the song.
Just went at it like a mad man.
The encore he sang the Kate Bush classic Hounds Of Love.
Also amazing to hear his interpretation of that song.

Overall it was a fantastic show.
Great to see the people who attended.
Two times this week at Raw Sugar Cafe, this is becoming my third home.
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