Andrew Beck’s The Onlookers @ Studio Sixty Six

Another art opening on Friday night was at Studio Sixty Six.
On Lookers by Andrew Beck which features about 9 new works.
About The Onlooker:
The works of Andrew Beck seem to show snapshots of romantic tone that locate themselves in a dystopic and bygone era.
His work evokes uncertainty — which may be the fruit of his arrangement of people and objects, often in contradiction of the laws of physics, but may equally reflect the viewer’s sense that some fascinating and unheard-of event is unfolding just beyond the pictorial surface.
Beck inserts disquieting elements into the familiar and unthreatening.
People and objects seem to merge or to partially disappear from the space — both tending to alienate the viewer from the usual assumptions of naturalistic representation.
Is the work reality, a dream, or the pure inner world of the artist? There is no answer.
The best the viewer can do is to muster his own imagination and narrative arc to interpret, and thereby unify, the picture. In this way, the viewer merges with the work, becomes, in a significant way, part of it. This completion of the picture comes only through what the viewer and his or her consciousness imports.
The exhibition runs until November 17th

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