Anna Fox Rochinski – Everybody’s Down [Music Video]

Oh no! A Laserdisc as a vinyl!
Today, Brooklyn musician Anna Fox Rochniski of Quilt dropped the music video for Everybody’s Down.
The third single is taken the debut solo album Cherry which comes out this Friday via Don Giovanni Records.
A cool electro-synth pop track that has a retro-throwback vibe.

About the track:
“Everybody’s Down” shifts between minimalist funk and full-blown anthemic disco. Toying with pop structure, it’s a track that has clattering hi-hat/cowbell, eerie background vocals, clear sky-melting vocal trills (and soul), and angular guitar cascades—and that’s just one passage.

Like AFR’s other songs, she knows a variety of genres well enough to pull tropes apart and then stitch things back together in ways that are unexpected but also make complete sense.

Likewise though, it may sound like a party, it’s a song about existential dread, the “down” in the title of the song more about being complicit than having the blues. As AFR puts it, “It’s as if you were looking around you during the apocalypse going, ‘oh my god, everybody’s down with this?’”

Everybody’s Down gets:

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