Arboretum Festival 2017 [August 19, 2017]

It was the second and last day of the Arboretum Festival 2017.
This year the festival took place at Rideau Pines Farm.
It a fun-filled day that was a spectrum of different genre of music.
Ranging from world, classical/orchestra, indie pop, rock, alternative, folk and electronica/dance.
Gamelan Semara Winangun
Gamelan Semara Winangun @ Arb2017

Forest Strings Duo
Forest Strings Duo @ Arb2017

Cedric Noel (Backed up by members of Pony Girl.)
Cedric Noel @ Arb2017

Her Harbour (First secret artist and absolutely beautiful and haunting hearing her music!)
Her Harbour @ Arb2017


@herharbour haunting music at @arboretumfest! @rideaupinesfarm @bluebarncoffee

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Sparklesaurus @ Arb2017

Gianna Lauren
Gianna Lauren @ Arb2017

Video clip of @giannamuses @j_duss @toastwitheggs @greggoryclark at @arboretumfest @rideaupinesfarm

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Giant Hand (Second secret artist)
Giant Hand @ Arb2017

@kirkramsay @gianthand was the second secret artist at @arboretumfest @rideaupinesfarm @bluebarncoffee

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Cam MacLean
Cam MacLean @ Arb2017

Claude Munson
Claude Munson @ Arb2017

Future States
Diana (They were so great that I couldn’t stop dancing!)
Future States @ Arb2017

Boyhood (Amazing as always and filled up the room at the Bang Bang Barn)
Boyhood @ Arb2017

Tops (Finally in Ottawa and they were awesome! Sounded great on stage!)
Tops @ Arb2017

Deerhoof (Totally killed it on stage!)
Deerhoof @ Arb2017

Forest Strings Ensemble (It was out of this world)
Forest Strings Ensemble @ Arb2017

L.A. Foster

L.A. Foster @ Arb2017

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