Arboretum Festival 2014: Kevin Drew, Hilotrons and The Yips

It was finally time to be outside for the Friday portion of Arboretum Arts + Music Festival.
Arboretum Festival 2014
Fun times to be had at the Backlot BBQ which was provided by Town, Murray Street & Rideau Pines Farm.
There was three acts that play and they are did an awesome job.
The Yips @ Arboretum Festival
The first band to play was The Yips.
The band did an awesome solid set of their “Ouija” psych-rock music.
Still can’t get enough of hearing Repeater live.
Hilotrons @ Arboretum Festival
The second band was Hilotrons.
The new incarnation of the band made them sound really great live.
I had a great time hearing new tracks and favourites.

Finally Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene was the final act.
It was unbelievable!
Kevin played a mix of his solo materials from Darlings and Broken Social Scene favourites.
The one big highlight was he did his version of Lover’s Spit.
The way Feist played it on BSS’s Beehive’s album with just the piano.
He got the audience to sing along!
Kevin Drew @ Arboretum Festival 2014
This was a great Friday night for the festival.
Afterwards I stopped by at Tropikola and it was fun.
Click below for more photos.
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