Arboretum Festival 2014: OUGHT, Fresh Snow, Blue Angel, Freelove Fenner @ House of Targ

On the fourth night of Arboretum Arts and Music Festival.
The one big show was at the House of Targ.
This showcase was presented by Pop Montreal, Wavelength Music Series, Weird Canada and Debaser.
I was glad that I got into this show because after 9:30pm the place was at capacity.
Freelove Fenner @ House of Targ
The first band that place was Montreal’s Freelove Fenner.
Already seen them a lot of time but they definitely put on a great set of indie catchy pop rock music.
Great for them!
Freelove Fenner @ House of Targ
Next up was Blue Angel.
Let’s say they put theatrics to a whole new level.
They came up on stage dressed up in the spookiest costumes something out of a horror movie.
Very dark but at least they got everyone rocking out to their music.
Blue Angel @ House of Targ
Third band was Fresh Snow.
Hadn’t seen them play since last year’s Ottawa Explosion.
This time they didn’t put on masked or anything.
They played an awesome set of their experimental ambient post-rock music.
It was definitely a highlight of the festival.
Fresh Snow @ House of Targ
Finally the last band to play was Ought.
They were the one band that I was totally dying to see.
Ought is gaining some buzz with their debut record More Than Any Other Day because they are signed on the elite label Constellation Records.
Also touring the USA and Europe.
A solid set that the band put on with their post-punk rock music.
Felt like listening to Joy Division.
Didn’t stay for all their set because it was getting too late.
At least I was happy to hear Habit!
Ought @ House of Targ
Definitely a fun night to be remembered!
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