Arboretum Festival 2014: Saturday at Arts Court

After six spectacular days of what Arboretum Arts + Music festival had to offer.
They ended off with a big show at the Arts Courts and the last time to use this space before they redevelop it.
Definitely an awesome day to see 11 acts and live art to see.
Arboretum Festival 2014
The show started off with Ottawa’s Pony Girl.
The band played an absolute art pop rock set.
I noticed they added a new member.
Pony Girl @ Arboretum Festival 2014
Weaves was the next band to play.
As the person introducing them mentioned that they are a musician’s wet dream.
Love their music a lot, kind of sad that they didn’t play Buttercup.
Weaves @ Arboretum Festival
Love that monkey bag!
Weaves @ Arboretum Festival
Lowell from Toronto was the third act to play.
This was the first time seeing her play.
I was absolutely blown away with the music.
It was like a mix of pop, dream, electro-dance and alternative.
Think of Lykke Li, Bjork, tUnE-yArDs all into one and Canadian.
She had a lot of stage presence and she even jumped off the stage and interacted withe the audience.
Lowell @ Arboretum Festival
There was a secret show by the hammock area.
First of four was Sarah Bradley of Fevers.
She did a nice solo set of her own music.
Played on the keyboards and it was a nice set.
Sarah Bradley @ Arboretum Festival
Steve Adamyk Band definitely dial it up a notch with his garage power pop rock music.
Great way to liven up the audience half-way through the festival.
Steve Adamyk Band @ Arboretum Festival
After that the second of the second show.
This time it was Andy Swan.
Accompanied by Emily Jeffers and Kristy Niche.
Played a really short set.
Andy Swan @ Arboreutm Festival
Afterwards it was Ottawa-expat now in Toronto’s Giant Hand.
It’s been awhile and he previewed a lot of new material.
A nice surprised!
Giant Hand @ Arboretum Festival
Then things got really exciting during Chad VanGaalen.
Finally was in Ottawa to promote his latest album Shrink Dust.
I was very excited to see him play.
He did one an amazing set!
Loved hearing Where Are You
Chad VanGaalen @ Arboretum Festival
Julie Fader came up and sang two songs.
One being my all time favourite Chad song, Willow Tree.
Chad VanGaalen @ Arboretum Festival
Caught most of Fiftymen.
Fiftymen @ Arboretum Festival
Then the big show happened to be the reunited Constantines.
Yeah, they definitely put on a solid rocking show.
The Constantines @ Arboretum Festival
This was the best the festival put.
Kind of sad that a great space like Arts Court will be used something like this.
Let’s hope for something amazing next year!
Next post will be the after party at Gabba Hey!
Click below for more photos.

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