Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (Review)

People are waiting breathlessly for the new release of Arcade Fire’s third full-length album “The Suburbs”.
The album drops on August 2/3, 2010.
I know there are some people who would wait for the release date.
I for one couldn’t wait and decided to hear it.
Don’t worry I pre-ordered The Suburbs on iTunes.

So far four out of the sixteen tracks have been released in the public.
You just have to wait to hear the rest will sound like.
They are:

  • The Suburbs
  • [audio:]
  • Month Of May
  • [audio:]
  • Ready To Start
  • [audio:]
  • We Used To Wait
  • [audio:]

Arcade Fire has become a band onto its own ever since they released their monumental “Funeral” in 2004.
They are a band you have to see live before you die.
Its been three years since Neon Bible.
All I can say is the band has done it again with another superb album for the summer of 2010.
Its more of upbeat rock album and less of the darker sound that we are accustomed to from their last album.
As Win Butler mentioned in a Spin magazine that the new album is a mix of Depeche Mode and Neil Young.
It really does when you hear the Neil Young sound in The Suburbs, Modern Man, Wasted Hour and Deep Blue.
While the Depeche Mode sound are in Half Light II (No Celebration), We Used To Wait and Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) [A big surprise in this song which sounds like a 1980s synth pop rock song].
While you have the Arcade Fire orchestral rock sound in Rococo, Empty Room (Love the chaotic violins), Suburban War and City With No Children.

Conceptual, I need to listen to it more to get what the concept part of the album is.

This is one album I will not stop listening for the rest of the summer.
Definitely one of my best picks for 2010.

Best tracks (besides the four tracks mentioned):

  • Rococo
  • Empty Room
  • City With No Children
  • Half Light I/Half Light I (Celebration)
  • Suburban War
  • Deep Blue
  • Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
  • The Suburbs (Continued)

If I rate this, it would be a 10/10.

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