Asinabka’s 2-Spirit Ball @ Club Saw

Asinabka Film & Media arts Festival presented the worlds first ever 2-Spirit Ball on August 10, 2019.
2-Spirit is an umbrella term for Indigenous peoples that identify with the GLBTQ+ community.
Although it is a contemporary term created in the 90’s, it acknowledges that diverse sexualities and gender roles exist within their Indigenous traditions in North America.
They envision that this event will highlight Indigiqueer culture from across Turtle Island and abroad, and that it will celebrate 2-Spirit artists in a variety of practices, such as drag, dance, vogue, music, spoken word, and performance art.
Featuring performances by Fafswag which was the big highlight.
Also performances by Icesis Couture + Kiki Coe + Kimmy Dymond, Dioganhdih, Melody McKiver, Mr. Leather Ottawa + Mr. Ottawa Bear, Logan MacDonald and many more.
Check out the photos from the party!

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