A Tribe Called Red with Jeremy Dutcher, respectfulchild and Creeasian @ NAC

When the NAC announced their fall season for 2018 and Electronic act A Tribe Called Red was on the list.
People were wondering how they were going to pull off a show in the Babs Asper Theatre where it was going to sit your butt kind of show?
They added special guest Jeremy Dutcher, respectfulchild and Creeasian.
Unique concept show that had a mix of different kinds of music, dance and visuals.
It was a show that I didn’t want to miss out.
Very moving and thought-provoking with the visuals.
When Jeremy sang Mehcinut from the Polaris Music Prize winning album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa with A Tribe Called Red, I was left speechless and moved!
For the encore it was about 15 minutes of A Tribe’s DJ set and the audience got up and danced like crazy!
This was definitely one of my favorites to see at the NAC! 9/10.

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