Austra – Feel It Break [Review]

One of the biggest surprised from 2010 going into 2011 was Austra (aka Katie Stelmanis) being signed to Domino Records.
Having only seen her live set last year at NXNE.
Was the most talked about set at CMW and SXSW.
There was a lot of intrigue to what her music will sound like.
Even Basia Bulat back in Oct 25, 2010 when I saw her was giving hype and high praises to Katie Stelmanis.
The long awaited album will drop on May 10th Digitally and May 17th physically on Paperbag Records (Canada) and Domino Records (Europe).

Somehow I really wanted to get the Domino Records version. 😛
It’s been awhile since I last heard from Katie Stelmanis.
Back around 2008 when I first heard Katie live opening up for Basia Bulat, she had that operatic pop sound on the veins of Tori Amos, Bjork, PJ Harvey and Kate Bush.
Her music was so intense and she surely had the chops.
Today she goes by Austra with the help from Maya Postepski, and Dorian Wolf (ex-Spiral Beach) which perfectly makes up the band.
With the live shows the band seems to be expanding with the help from Tasseomancy doing back-up vocals.

The whole album has that dark electronica dance vibe.
There is abit of that 1980s synth-pop nostalgia sound. Very reminisced to like Kate Bush during her “Hounds Of Love” era.
My little criticism, is that I feel the electronic beats seem to overtake her vocals, but it is a dance electronica record overall.
The whole album is filled with haunting vocals of Katie with the dark hypnotic electronic beats.

The one track that totally stood out and was out of the norm happened to be the last track “The Beast”.
A very haunting piano ballad and this is what I wanted to hear which is Katie’s vocal talent and abilities.

While the other tracks I totally love and danced to were Spellwork, The Villain, The Noise, Lose and The Beat and The Pulse.
Everytime I listen The Beat and The Pulse, it is like hearing someone heart is beating.
The lyrics that she sings are so raw and real.

Overall Feel It Break totally impressed me.

Best tracks:

I’d give Feel It Break 10/10

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