Awolnation @ Live Lounge

Awolnation @ Live Lounge
My ears were ringing at this loud rocking show on October 3, 2011.
It was a fluke to see LA rockers Awolnation play at Ottawa’s Live Lounge.
The band is getting really popular with their song Sail which hit #1 in the Canadian Modern Rock radio.
Ottawa got a chance to see the band live for free (For those that called a certain radio station).

Awolnation @ Live Lounge
All I have to say was it was a fun show.
It wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be if there was a mosh pit.
Everyone was getting into the music.
Sail was played, everyone went crazy.
The last song they played was Knights of Shame which was a loud crazy 12 minute epic song.
Glad I was there to experience Awolnation.
Awolnation @ Live Lounge
Here are the rest of the photos.

Before the show I got to interview Aaron Bruno.
Have a listen.

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