Bands Undone: Bonjay (Review)

Canteen’s Bands Undone got its groove on with the dance duo Bonjay on November 19th.
The duo consist of Alanna Stuart and Pho.
It wasn’t an acoustic set, more like a laid back acapella with funky dance beats.
Amazed with Alanna’s vocal abilities when she sang without a mic.
The duo has just released their first EP called Gimme Gimme which is an amazing song.
Forgot the name of the first song.
The second song Alanna sang some parts of Feist’s Honey Honey which I didn’t know until she mentioned it.
While the third song it was Gimme Gimme and it was amazing to hear it in a intimate atmosphere.
The people who were in attendance were having a great time just listening to their music while sitting and bopping away.
The duo really like this idea and had a great time doing this.
But not used to playing with the lights on.
The duo was really nice and hoping more people will come out and see them play.
Seeing big things will happen for them in 2010.
Bonjay @ Bands UndoneBonjay @ Bands Undone
Here is a interview with the band with apt613 and I asking them whatever stuff we can ask them
Check out Bonjay’s version of Feist’s Honey Honey.

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