Bands Undone: Caledonia (Review)

Halifax band Caledonia stopped by Canteen for a great installment of Bands Undone*.
Let’s say their set up was big.
Caledonia @ Bands Undone
I really enjoyed the four song set the band did.
Funny during the set when the keyboardist wore a duct tape hat.
The band members were very nice.
Surprised to find out that the band is nominated for four ECMAs.
That Ottawa was their final stop of their tour.
The band was also nice enough to give me their download album cards but get this, it is one of those eco-friendly and you can plant them kind of cards.
They are the only band so far doing this.
Caledonia @ Bands Undone
Thanks to the members of apt613 for helping me out for this audio interview.

*Bands Undone is an in-store media session series involving exclusive sessions with indie acts – inviting bloggers, journalists and other key people for a small stripped down performance and Q&A.

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