Beach House – Depression Cherry [Review]

It’s been almost a month since this album has been released (Reason why it’s late just read on the bottom).
Beach House released their fifth album Depression Cherry.
For those living under a rock, the Baltimore duo makes pretty lovely and beautiful dream pop music and is on the legendary Sub Pop label.
The band had a big breakthrough with their 2012 album Teen Dream.
On Depression Cherry, the duo decided to go back to simple sounds of what they are known far.
Upon listening to the whole album, there was a sense of emotion connection to some of the tracks.
The leading single Sparks has a hazy dreamy sound which feels like you are in church at the end of the track.
Space Song leaves you in a emotional roller-coaster of wanting to hold on to someone.
While you have lovely and beautiful sounds in PPP, Wildflower and Days of Candy.

We all need Beach House in our lives to listen to in our busy lives.
They just leave you feeling like life has something to offer.
For some thinking they would push the envelope on their fifth album.
Probably the band doesn’t really care what they do just as long they make good music.
It’s like that quote: “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”!
Depression Cherry is not as depressing as it sounds but it is one heck of a beautiful dream pop album.

Best tracks:

  • Levitation
  • Sparks
  • Space Song
  • PPP
  • Wildflower
  • Days of Candy

I’d give Depression Cherry 10/10


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