Beach House & Poor Moon @ Club Soda [October 14, 2012]

This was a special fun day!
A friend asked me if I wanted to see Beach House at Club Soda in Montreal. I was like “hell ya!” and there was no way I am going to miss this opportunity since I love their music.
Also a band like Beach House would never come to Ottawa (Probably if they play Bluesfest).
The show was totally sold out and filled with hipsters :P.

Opening up the show was Poor Moon.
I wasn’t familiar with them until my friend told me it was two members of Fleet Foxes.
But I really enjoyed their set.
The music had that indie folk pop rock.
Love the xylophone and reminded me of Freelance Whales. Of course there was abit of distinction of Fleet Foxes with the vocals.
A brilliant and wonderful set.
Finally Beach House’s turn to play.
I was so excited for this.
The last time I saw them was at Osheaga a few years ago which was outdoors and a short set.
This time it was indoors and a long set.
The sound and lights were amazing.
It was so out of the world with the songs they played.
What surprised me was they played Equal Mind, the song is the b-side from Lazuili.
It was the first time that I got to hear Victoria speak and she spoke in French.
She had that nice lady voice.
When she sings it is a completely different feel.
I felt they played a lot from Bloom and Teen Dream.
From Lazuili, walk in the park, Used to Be, Zebra, Myth and etc. I couldn’t be any happy and excited.
Definitely one of the best shows this year.
For those who missed out, you missed out big.
On a side note: before going to the concert.
My friend and I decided to go to Schwartz’s Deli.
Low and behold Celine Dion and her husband enters the place.
I was so starstruck and shocked.
Well at least I can say now that Celine Dion bought me dinner.
That was some day in Montreal.
Here are short clips I took from the Beach House concert.

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