Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars [Review]

When an act decides to release two albums in the same year, will they be overexposed?
I don’t think that is the case for Beach House.
In August, they just released their fifth album Depression Cherry and in October their sixth album Thank Your Lucky Stars.
Depression Cherry had more of that uplifting dreamy pop sound from a church.
Thank Your Lucky Star has more of that subdue dreamy pop sound from a dark starry night.
Have to command Beach House on secretly getting this second album out in 2015.

We all need Beach House in our lives to listen to in our busy lives.
They just leave you feeling like life has something to offer.
Probably the band doesn’t really care what they do just as long they make good music.
It’s like that quote: “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”!

Best tracks:

  • Majorette
  • She’s So Lovely
  • One Thing
  • The Traveller
  • Elergy to the Void
  • Rough Song

I’d give Thank Your Lucky Stars 9/10.

Now here is the good part.
If you want to own the green vinyl “Loser Edition” of Thank Your Lucky Stars.
All you have to do is comment your name, email and answer this question: “What Star would you be?” and one lucky “OTTAWA” winner will get this album.
Again it’s open to Ottawa residents only. (Sorry I ain’t mailing out the album!)
Ends on November 18th!
Good luck.


  1. Adam

    Obviously I’d be Ursae Majoris, known by the Arabic name Dubhe (“the bear”)

    I’m kinda like a big bear anyway.

  2. Nathan

    I’d be HDE 226868, which is the blue supergiant star paired with the black hole Cygnus X-1 (because I’m a giant nerd who was really into Rush back in high school).

  3. Bob

    I’ll be Sterope, the brightest of the stars in the Pleiades.

    That is the limit of my astronomical knowledge!

  4. Kathleen Cauley

    yoyoyo this is Kathleen.

    And I am already a star, because we are all composed of the elements from old blown up stars.

    “We are made of star-stuff” – Carl Sagan

  5. Martine

    I would be Vulpecula, the little fox.

    //\\_//\\ ____
    \_ _/ / /
    / * * \ /^^^]
    \_\O/_/ [ ]
    / \_ [ /
    \ \_ / /
    [ [ / \/ _/
    _[ [ \ /_/

  6. Post

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