Best 15 Beatles Songs of All Time

It has been 15 years since the Beatles compilation “1” stormed the music chart and garnered new fans.
That compilation featured every #1 single by the Fab Four in the USA and UK.
While “1” is the go to for starting off listening to their music.
I should compile my favorite songs by the band.
Songs that isn’t in the “1” compilation.
Hope you enjoy this list.

  1. Hey Jude

  2. In my opinion, the utlimate and epic Beatles song ever.
    Easy to sing along

  3. Twist and Shout

  4. Who doesn’t love The Beatles when they get you dancing and screaming during Beatlemania era.

  5. Tomorrow Never Knows

  6. Happened to listen to Mark Ronson on BBC Radio 1 and he mentioned this is his favorite song by them.
    Trippy and psychedelic to end off their album Revolver which is considered to be one of the finest album ever made.

  7. Long and Winding Road

  8. Listening to this track has that sad and sombre sound of a band that is on the verge of breaking up.

  9. Let It Be

  10. Another poignant song from their final album.

  11. I Wanna Hold Your Hand

  12. Great sing-along track.

  13. Ticket To Ride

  14. All I love is the part, “She’s got a ticket to ride”.

  15. She Loves You

  16. SCREAMS!!

  17. Yesterday

  18. One of the most covered songs of all time.

  19. Come Together

  20. When The Beatles went harder edge rock.

  21. I Am The Walrus

  22. Craziest and trippiest song they have recorded

  23. Help!
  24. Helter Skelter
  25. Yellow Submarine

  26. Fun and trippiest songs ever!

  27. All You Need Is Love

  28. Everyone needs love with this song!

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