Best Albums So Far In The Past 15 Years [51-60]

Haven’t been getting on track to doing this.
As previously posted.
Here is part four from my favorite albums of the past 15 years starting from 51-60.

  1. The Elwins – And I Thank You [2012]
  2. “And I thank you” is 10 tracks filled with great indie pop rock tunes that hints on British mod sound, if you want, think of them as a poppy version of Young Rival, another great Canadian indie rock band.

  3. Alvvays – Alvvays [2014]
  4. Catchy jangle guitar pop music! An album I couldn’t stop listening to in 2014.

  5. U.S. Girls – GEM [2012]
  6. U.S. Girls’ first album on a label which is Fat Cat. Mix of experimental rock and lo-fi pop.

  7. Joel Plaskett Emergency – Ashtray Rock [2007] (22)
  8. Astray Rock is a rock driven album with some catchy lyrics. Great conceptual album about the town he live and what it was like being a teenager.

  9. Women – Women [2008] (47)
  10. Short-lived band Woman, their music is a mix of indie pop and alternative. A psychedelic noisy sound with that Beach Boys on acid sound.

  11. Aaliyah – Aaliyah [2001] (41)
  12. It was a shock in 2001 when Aaliyah was tragically killed in an airplane crash. Her music and legacy will still live on. This album is full of pop, R&B/Soul and probably is one of her best and personal album.

  13. Patrick Watson – Wooden Arms [2009]
  14. Second album by the Montreal artist. After winning Polaris Music Prize for his first album. There was high expectations for this and it didn’t disappoint. Very moving album with songs like Tracy’s Waters and Fireweed.

  15. Cœur de Pirate – Cœur de Pirate [2008]
  16. Debut album by the Montreal chanteuse with her catchy French songs. One of those album which makes want to sing and speak in French.

  17. Arkells – Jackson Square [2008] (46)
  18. Their first full-length album and its chalk full of great rocking sing-along tunes.

  19. Rural Alberta Advantage – Hometowns [2008]
  20. Debut album from the Toronto trio. Songs about Alberta, love, life and history of Nils hometown.


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