Best Albums So Far In The Past 15 Years [61-70]

As previously posted.
Here is part four from my favorite albums of the past 15 years starting from 61-70.

  1. Doomsquad – Kalabogie [2014]
  2. One of the most unique album I’ve heard. With it’s hypnotic trance psychedelic electro music.

  3. Bright Eyes – Digital Ash In A Digital Urn [2005] (20)
  4. Was Connor trying to be Radiohead in this album and it totally works. This is more of the electronic side of Bright Eye.

  5. Coldplay – A Rush of Blood To The Head [2002] (52)
  6. Coldplay’s second album blew the world by storm. One of the best album with it’s stadium standards like Clocks, In My Place and Politik. To emotional ballads like The Scientist and Amsterdam.

  7. Ohbijou – Swift Feet For Troubling Times [2006]
  8. This whole album is full of indie orchestral folk pop and organic naturist sound to it. Love hearing the instrumentation of violin, harmochord, glockenspiel, organ and melodica.

  9. Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City [2010]
  10. Their third album happens to be my favorite. From it’s upbeat craziness of Diane Young to it’s mellow pop of Step. Ends a trilogy set of being young.

  11. Dan Mangan – Nice, Nice Very Nice [2009]
  12. Dan Mangan’s second album catapulted him to stardom due to his unique songwriting. From it’s catchy singalong to Robots, to acoustic ballad of The Indie Queens Are Waiting and the emotional song Basket.

  13. hilotrons – At Least There Is Commotion [2013]
  14. The album is 11 tracks of electro-pop rock music that everyone should be familiar with Hilotrons. The album’s storyline weaves from heartbreak to reconciliation, through the eyes of those who suffer from personality disorders, as well as their friends and lovers.

  15. Kanye West – Graduation [2007] (23)
  16. Love him or not. One of his better albums that was released in this decade. First time hearing Kanye West sampling a Daft Punk track.

  17. M.I.A. – Arular [2005] (53)
  18. Debut album by the English-Sri Lankan rapper and artist. Blend of Worldbeat, electroclash, reggaeton, alternative hip-hop, grime and political hip-hop

  19. Plants and Animals – Parc Avenue [2008] (49)
  20. This trio from Montreal released this great indie rock album. It is a throwback to the 60s or 70s rock style of music.


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