Best Albums So Far In The Past 15 Years – TOP 10

As 2015 is coming to an end, it has come to this.
My Top 10 albums in the past 15 years.
Of course it won’t come to no surprises who is #1.
At least there are new entries in the Top 10 that I couldn’t stop listening to when those albums came out.
Happy 2016 and another 5 years for this list!

PositionPrevious PositionAlbum
11Arcade Fire - Funeral [2004]

I would say this album defined the past 15 years.
Instrumentation and melodies was truly unique.
The themes in this album are all about death and sadness.
Hearing this album it doesn’t sound Canadian but you know it is
Canadian and props to them by giving the world the attention in the Canadian indie music scene.

2NEWYoung Galaxy - Shapeshifting [2011]

Shapeshifting was a big change for Young Galaxy.
Gone was the guitar rock sounds and getting into synth-electro pop sounds.

34Radiohead - Kid A [2000]

Might be surprised why this album is not #1, mostly because its been on everyone’s list.
But it's still a perfect and significant album of this decade.
Significant because they didn’t do any promotion on this album.
No music video and radio play which made a surprising debut at #1.
In that year with Napster running, people were downloading this album to get a feel of the new material.
It's such a dark album they have produced which the theme is when the world goes horribly wrong.
Lots of electronic bleeps and dark empty spaces of sound.
4NEWGrimes - Visions [2012]

Grimes exploded in 2012 with this awesome album filled with catchy melodies and fun dance beats.

Note: Majical Cloudz is in the music video for Oblivion. I heard from people that the McGill's cheerleaders weren't aware they were being filmed.

5NEWDirty Beaches - Badlands [2011]

When I popped in this album, I was like wow!
An Asian guy making lo-fi greaser rock music reminded me of a Wong Kar-Wai film from Days Of Being Wild or In The Mood For Love.
Couldn't stop listening to this music.

6NEWBasia Bulat - Oh My Darling [2007]

Debut album by the London Ontario now living Montreal artist, it is full of catchy tunes which makes you want to sing out loud or clap your hands.
Amazing on how she plays that autoharp.
7NEWAmy Winehouse - Back To Black [2006]

While Amy's life was catch short.
Back to Black was the big breakthrough in Amy's wonderful music going into the
girl groups of the 50s & 60s to the comtemporary R&B and pop music.

82Stars - Set Yourself on Fire [2004]

First time knowing about this band was their song “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead”.
What it a song it was.
But this album was the beginning of their popularity due with the mentioned song.
Mix of ballad dreamy indie pop with new wave alternative pop sound.
My take on this album is about a couple’s up and down relationship.

9NEWAdele - 21 [2011]

What can you say about 21?!
Heartbreak, emotional and you need a box of tissues!

1015The Acorn - Glory Hope Mountain

This album got them into Canadian critics darling list and putting them on the indie spotlight for Canada.
Part concept, this album shows what the Acorn can achieve with their music.

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