Best of 2010: Singles (#11-#20)

Hope you are enjoying your post Boxing Day holidays.
Sorry for the delay since the holidays were quite busy.
Here is the best of 2010 Singles and its bought to by the letters O, M, G!!
You will find out why.
Also it is the last of the Glee tracks that has been in the list. (Like it or not).
Almost close to the Top 11, so check out the singles from #11-#20.

  1. CaribouOdessa
  2. 2010 was a welcome return for Caribou.
    It was also a change in his music with the lead single off Swim.
    Gone are the psychedelic poppy sound and more of the liquidy techno-electronica sound.

  3. Sleigh BellsRill Rill
  4. The first time I heard their debut album “Treats”, I was mesmerized with their noisy guitar beats.
    But hearing this slow jam of Rill Rill, it has to be one of the standout tracks on the album after Tell ‘Em and Riot Rhythm

  5. Evening HymnsDead Deer (#1 on chart #9#10#11)
  6. This song which came in late 2009 just transcended into 2010.
    There is something about that song that is very emotional.
    Which Jonas of Evening Hymns mentioned is about a break-up.

  7. Land Of TalkQuarry Hymns (#1 on chart #19)
  8. The lovely voice of Elizabeth Powell was welcomed back in 2010.
    Nice artsy melodic track from Cloak and Cipher.
    Was this video filmed at Ukrainian Federation in Montreal??

  9. Diamond RingsSomething Else (#1 on chart #27)
  10. He surely exploded in 2010 with this great catchy indie dancey rock (80s influenced) track.
    Interesting upclose kind of music video.

  11. The Love MachineBe A Path (#1 on chart #25)
  12. Who knew this music video would be banned from Much Music (Ummm when do they ever play music videos?).
    Its a haunting dark song coming from the Ottawa band.
    A change from their indie pop-rock roots and delving into darker and maturing territories.

  13. Tokyo Police ClubBreakneck Speed
  14. Great mellow rock track from Tokyo Police Club

  15. UsherOMG
  16. Usher did it again with a club anthem song.

  17. KelisAcapella (Radio Edit)
  18. A great hypnotic electronic-dance track from Kelis.
    A big hit all over UK/Europe.

  19. Glee CastDon’t Stop Believin’

  20. This is the song which started the whole Glee craze.
    Its one of those inspirational songs (mostly of the title) which alot of people could relate.
    It was a big song which hit #2 and spent 35 weeks in the UK Singles Chart.

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