Best of 2010: Singles (#21-#30)

Here is another installment on the best of 2010: Singles.
Its the singles from #21-30.
As mentioned before some of the singles will be based from the Singles Chart on this site.
This list will have one song that is in French and tracks that were out in 2009 but made a impact this year.
And of course there is the fourth of fifth Glee track.
Check out the list.

  1. BravestationWhite Wolves (#1 on Chart #18)
  2. Great track from the Toronto band.
    Hopefully 2011 they will release a full-length album.

  3. The BalconiesSerious Bedtime (#1 on Chart #13)
  4. Its been a interesting 2010 for them.
    The music video for this song was released in 2010.

  5. Crystal CastlesNot In Love (#1 on Chart #29)(via. I Guess I’m Floating)
  6. Great re-working from their second album featuring The Cure’s Robert Smith

  7. Rich AucoinPush
  8. Whoever has a 3D Glasses, check out the music video.

  9. Patrick WatsonJe te laisserai des mots (#1 on Chart #26)
  10. This is such a haunting track from Mr.Patrick Watson himself.
    Similar with his collaboration with Cinematic Orchestra

  11. BraidsLemonade (#1 on Chart #30)
  12. 2010 is somewhat a introduction of the band to what looks like its going to explode for them in 2011.

  13. Hooded FangMutant Bear (#1 on Chart #28)
  14. There is something about them that brings out the happy factor of their songs.

  15. M.I.A.XXXO (#1 on Chart #4)
  16. Catchy track, which has that industrial hip-hop feel. Far better than the controversial music video to “Born Free”.

  17. AdeleMake You Feel My Love (#1 on Chart #31)
  18. Thanks to the UK’s X-Factor, this just made me fell back in love with Adele.

  19. Glee Cast – Halo/Walking On Sunshine
  20. I am sucker for this track even with that ending.
    A great mashup track.

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