Best of 2011: Canadian Albums #41-50

It’s that time of the year where everyone does their Best of 2011 list.
Took me awhile to get my Best 50 Canadian albums of 2011 going.
Here it is, starting with part one of five listings.
Starting from #41-50.

41. Extra Happy Ghost!!! – Modern Horses
Very lo-fi experimental pop record with a touch of Chad VanGaalen (who recorded and mixed the album) on this record.

Listen to Mercy, Mercy and So At One.
42. Malajube – La Caverne

Listen to Synesthésie.

43. Memphis – Here Comes A City
Torquil Campbell returns to Memphis with this second album filled with catchy indie pop-rock songs.

Listen to I Am The Photographer

44. The Details – Lost Art

Listen to Vulture Mechanics and Weightless In The Dark.
45. Dave Norris and Local IvanAlma Mater
Great catchy indie folk-rock-pop album from Ottawa’s underrated band.

Listen Courtney L., Alma Mater & Song For An Ad.

46. The Liptonians – Let’s All March Back Into The Sea

Listen to You Know What I Did
47. Les Jupes – Modern Myths

Listen to Myth #3 (The Mountain)
48. Yamantaka Sonic Titan – YT//ST
The album cover reminds me of the famous Anime film “Akira“.
Who knew this Canadian band can make an album that sounds very Asian in a experimental punk way.

Listen to Reverse Crytals // Murder of a Spider and Hoshi Neko.

49. Destroyer – Kaputt
I had to put it on the list.
If you like the whole 1980s late night jazzy radio theme in the album.
Very thought provoking on Americanism, finding drugs and just being hopeless in love.
Destroyer Kaputt Hi-Res Cover Art
Listen to Chinatown, Kaputt, Suicide Demo For Kara Walker & Bay Of Pigs
50. Timber Timbre – Creep On Creepin’ On
The creep master has done it again on the second album.
The album has more of a fuller sound than before.
Four music videos have been churned out. Even Adele (Having one of the best album in 2011) hasn’t even put out a third music video. Talk about meeting demands.

Listen to Bad Ritual, Creep On Creepin’ On and Black Water.

More to come!!
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