Best of 2011: Canadian Albums [TOP 10]

Finally the time has come.
After spending alot of time deciding who should be on the list, crossing on and off.
I reveal to you the Top 10 Canadian albums of 2011.
Either be surprised or not.
These are the albums I have listened to the most in 2011.
Check it out.

10. Ohbijou – Metal Meets

Third album from the Toronto band. Its a little rocky sound on this third album with help by Jace Lasek of The Besnard Lakes.
Still a beautiful album to listen to.
Listen to Niagara, Anser and Balikbayan.
9. Born Gold – Bodysongs

One of the quirkiest and wildest records of 2011.
It’s ten tracked filled with high energy futuristic (sometimes spastic) dance pop music.
Listen to Boring HorrorMorning Bath and Eat Sun, Son.
8. The Darcys – The Darcys

This maybe their “true debut”.
The ten tracks on the album are filled with great, epic indie rock tunes, with that moody, atmospheric shoegaze sound to it.
The production value is so superb.
Listen to House Built Around Your Voice and Edmonton To Purgatory.
7. The Luyas – Too Beautiful To Work

They seem to stepped it up a notch in production of sound and lyrical content.
Listen to Too Beautiful To Work, Worth Mentioning and Tiny Head.
6. Braids – Native Speaker

Native Speaker feels like you are reliving the fun and care-free days of being youthful teenager. A well done beautiful album filled with chillaxing tunes.
Listen to Lemonade, Plath Heart, Glass Deers and Lammicken.
5. F–ked Up – David Comes To Life

2011 was the year when F–ked Up broke new ground with this “rock-opera” album.
Stepped out from hardcore into mainstream success.
Listen to Queen Of Hearts, The Other Shoe, Turn The SeasonShip Of Fools and A Little Death.
4. Rich Aucoin – We’re All Dying To Live (Public Publication EP/Over The Top! LP)

I am going to “scream” this loud and clear!
Listen to Brian Wilson Is A.L.i.V.E. (All Living Instantly Vanquish Everything), It, P:U:S:H and All You Cannot Live Without.
3. Austra – Feel It Break

Feel It Break is filled with haunting vocals of Katie with the dark hypnotic electronic beats.
Impressive debut album.
Listen to Lose It, Beat & The Pulse, The Villain and The Beast.
2. Dirty Beaches – Badlands

Badlands has a sense of 1960s nostalgia.
It’s a great and sometimes dreamy artfully experimental record.
He might not cater to the mainstream masses but surely will cater to the indie masses who adore this kind of music.
Listen to Sweet 17, A Hundred HighwaysTrue Blue and Lord Knows Best
1. Young Galaxy – Shapeshifting

Being the first album of 2011 that I reviewed.
As the title suggests, it was a shift in their music.
Gone are the fiery guitaring rock.
They took a chance with this new sounds and it is great.
With help from Dan Lissvik from Sweden.
A far more upbeat album filled with minimal techno/80s retro new wave sound.
This is the album I couldn’t stop listening to in 2011.
Listen to Blown Minded, We Have Everything, Peripheral Visionaries and Cover Your Tracks.
So there you have it, the Best Canadian albums of 2011.
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