Best of 2011: EPs [Top 11]

Top 11 EPs of 2011.
I know in this list it is mostly all Canadian except for one.
With these EPs that came out in 2011, hopefully some of the acts will release a full-length in 2012.
Check out the Top 11.

11. Birthday Girls – Blood Brothers

Listen to Blood Brothers.
10. Belgrave – Belgrave – EP

Listen to Tokyo and Six Minutes.
9. Rococode – Weapon/Empire – EP

Listen to Weapon and Empire.
8. The Belle Game – Sleep To Grow EP

Listen to Sleep To Grow.
7. We Are The City – High School EP

Listen to Happy New Year.
6. Phantogram – Nightlife

Listen to Don’t Move and 16 Years.
5. Nightbox – Nightbox EP

Listen to Pyramid and Relocate You.
4. Memoryhouse – The Years EP

Listen to Sleep Patterns and Lately.
3. The Wooden Sky – City Of Light EP

Listen to Angelina.
2. Data Romance – Data Romance EP

Listen to The Deep and Bullets.
1. The Balconies – Kill Count EP

Listen to Kill Count and Tiger.

That is it for the EPs of 2011.
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