Best of 2012: Top 12 EPs

Here is the Best of 2012.
Since it’s 2012, why not make it a Top 12.
I am counting down the Top 12 EPs that was released in 2012.
It may be a surprised when checking this Top 12 list that there is alot of Ottawa acts.
Sorry if there is no description since I am swamped with various stuff happening in the month of December.
Check it out!

1. Roberta Bondar – Roberta Bondar EP [Review]

2. Azealia Banks – 1991 EP

3. Data Romance – Caves EP

4. Pregnancy Scares – Pregnancy Scares

5. BoyhoodWhen I’m Hungry

6. Dirty Projectors – About To Die EP

7. Dum Dum Girls – End of Daze EP

8. Village – Nowhere/Claustro


10. Erik Lind & The Orchards – Great White North EP

11. PapermapsInferior Ghost EP

12. Teenage KicksBe On My Side EP

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