Best of 2013: Canadian Albums [#44-53]

It is December, which means it is best of/year end list.
So I decided to make my list very early and different by counting down the Best 53 Canadian albums of 2013.
By the end of December I will be counting down the Top 13 (hence it is 2013 make it that way)
Check out the list.

  1. Born Gold – I Am An Exit
  2. Colin Stetson – New History Warfare Vol 3
  3. Esmerine – Dalmak
  4. Folly & The Hunter – Tragic Care
  5. Hollerado – White Paint
  6. Louise Burns – The Midnight Mass
  7. Groenland – The Chase
  8. The Flaps – Again
  9. Paula – Relaxed Fit
  10. No Joy – Wait To Pleasure

Have a listen to the tracks featured in this list.

Best of 2013 – Canadian Albums #53 – #44 by Photogmusic on Mixcloud

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