Best of 2013: Canadian Albums [Top 13]

The time has come to reveal the Top 13 Canadian albums of 2013.
It was a tough decision for these albums to be place in this list.
Agree or disagree these albums in my opinion were my favorites of 2013.
Check it out!

  1. Yamantaka//Sonic Titan – Uzu
  2. This is my pick as my #1 album for 2013.
    I’ve been waiting for this since I saw them preview it in 2012 at Pop Montreal.
    It’s bold, unique, Asian (Had to say it) and not anywhere like this in Canada’s music scene.
    Best tracks: Atalanta//Whalesong, Windflower, One and Saturn’s Return.
  3. Basia Bulat – Tall Tall Shadow
  4. Third album by the lovely Basia Bulat.
    It is a change from the previous two album since there is no autoharp.
    More of a personal record that she made.
    Lots of emotional songs filled with loss and heartbreak.
    Best tracks: Tall Tall Shadow, It Can’t Be You, Promise Not To Think About Love and Never Let Me Go
  5. Dirty Beaches – Drifters/Love Is The Devil
  6. Now this is what a double album should be!
    Dirty Beaches released Drifters/Love Is The Devil
    First half is like a journey through the dark and seedy nightlife in unknown city.
    Second half is like a dream like atmosphere where you try to forget the troubles you did that night or forget the break up.
    Best tracks: Night Walk, Casino Lisboa, Love Is The Devil and Like The Ocean We Part.
  7. Young Galaxy – Ultramarine
  8. Fourth album by Young Galaxy.
    While Shapeshifting was my #1 of 2011 and a game changer for them.
    Ultramarine is their follow-up and eventually got short-listed for Polaris Music Prize 2013.
    This album still maintains the Young Galaxy sound and gets you moving!
    Best tracks: Pretty Boy, New Summer and Hard To Tell
  9. hilotrons – At Least There’s Commotion
  10. Third album by Ottawa’s hilotrons and highest entry for a Ottawa act.
    You can say it is the last album to feature the original members.
    It’s a superb pop rock album.
    Best tracks: Venus at Your Back Door, Not There Tonight and She Knows My Condition Pt 1 & 2
  11. Diana – Perpetual Surrender
  12. Toronto’s Diana finally released their long awaited debut album.
    The album is a throwback to 80s New Wave Pop Dance music.
    Best tracks: Foreign Installation, Born Again and That Feeling
  13. Braids – Flourish//Perish
  14. Second album by the Montreal band.
    Gone is their lighter guitar happy sound and more of darker pulsating synth electro dance pop album.
    Best tracks: In Kind, December and Amends
  15. Blue Hawaii – Untogether
  16. Second album by the Montreal duo.
    This is more of a darker and colder album about sadness and loneliness.
    Love the album cover too.
    Best tracks: Follow, In Two (Part 1 & 2) and The Other Day
  17. Suuns – Images du Futur
  18. Second album by the Montreal band.
    They sort of drifted away from the Clinic sound and making it their own.
    Best tracks: 2020, Mirror Mirror and Edie’s Dream
  19. Arcade Fire – Reflektor
  20. What can I say about Reflektor?
    It’s different, long and daring.
    Best tracks: Reflektor, Afterlife and Here Comes The Night
  21. The Darcys – Warring
  22. Toronto’s The Darcys final of their trilogy album.
    I think it is their best album that they have put out!
    Mix of rock with some added arts and experimentation
    Best tracks: Muzzle Blast, The River and Hunting
  23. Big Dick – Big Dick
  24. Don’t let the band’s name fool or freak you out.
    This is their debut full length album.
    Filled with great bass and drum punk and rock music.
    Best tracks: Wolves, Medic and Colours
  25. Fevers – No Room For Light
  26. The band’s first full-length album.
    Filled with great catchy fun electro-dance pop music.
    Best tracks: Dance Cry Dance and Monuments

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