Best of 2016 – Canadian Albums #41 – #50

2016 is almost coming to an end and it is time to do a best of 2016.
There was alot of Canadian albums coming out of 2016.
So I am going to do a Top 50 starting from #41 to #50
Not going to make any explanation since I’ve been procrastinating big time and want to get this over with.
Here it is!

41.A Tribe Called Red - We Are the Halluci Nation (Ottawa - Electronica/Dance)
42.Vesuvio Solo - Don't Leave Me In The Dark (Montreal - Synth pop)
43.Greys - Warm Shadow (Toronto - Alternative)
44.White Lung - Paradise (Vancouver - Alternative/Punk)
45.The Alpacas - The Best Is Behind You (Hamilton - Rock)
46.Casey Mecija - Psychic Materials (Toronto - Electronica/Pop)
47.Wintersleep - The Great Detachment (Montreal - Alternative/Rock)
48.Black Mountain - IV (Vancouver - Rock)
49.Operators - Blue Wave (Montreal - Electro-Rock)
50.Drake - Views (Toronto - Hip-hop)

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