Best of 2016 – Ottawa Releases [Top 16]

With so many list going around and forgetting who to put down.
There has been some great releases from Ottawa acts in 2016 so I made the list for it.
This list includes EPs since there was only a small handful that released a full album.
Here is the Top 16 Ottawa albums and EPs of 2016.

1.Pippa - Sweetlow (Chillwave/Pop)
2.Steve Adamyk Band - Graceland (Garage Punk)
3.Jim Bryson - Somewhere We Will Find Our Place (Rock)
4.A Tribe Called Red - We Are The Halluci Nation (Electronica/Dance)
5.Slack Bridges - EP1 (R&B/Soul)
6.Telecomo - Promo EP (Alternative)
7.Amanda Rheaume - Holding Patterns (Folk Pop)
8.Warp Lines - Demo (Punk)
9.Heavy Bedroom / Kings Quest - Split EP (Alternative)
10.Area Resident - Area Resident (Alternative)
11.The Haig - Ghost of Nuclear Future (Alternative)
12.The Artichoke Hearts - Conquer Then Divide (Folk)
13.Mushy Gushy - Tight Snake (Garage Rock)
14.Sleepy and the Noise - Altitudes (Alternative)
15.Sparklesaurus - Perennials (Alternative)
16.How Far To Mexico - Drought (Alternative)

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